Translation & Validation Procedure

The focus of the translation process should lie on achieving an optimal conceptual equivalence amongst all versions rather than on achieving a linguistic / literal equivalence. As translation methodology the forward-backward-forward technique should be applied.

The thus created Final Questionnaires for the respective target populations should be tested (if possible) in a validation study to get more information about the psychometric properties of the DISABKIDS instrument in the respective language. Besides the DISABKIDS instrument sociodemographic information should be assessed and if possible another generic HRQOL instrument for children and adolescents should be included in this validation study.

Please contact the DISABKIDS Group for further information concerning guidelines and description of the translation methodology for the DISABKIDS instruments, propositions for a validation study and an outline of topics which should be addressed in a translation and validation report. Documentation guidelines should help to structure the national validation test report and should result in comprehensive documentation of the validation test, which are comparable in all participating centres.



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