Existing translations
DISABKIDS has been validated for use in the following languages:

  •     Dutch
  •     English
  •     French
  •     German
  •     Greek
  •     Swedish
  •     Norwegian

Validation studies of the DISABKIDS questionnaires in Brazil and Mexica are currently conducted by Dr. Claudia Benedita dos Santos.

Availability and validity of each existing translation must be checked with the DISABKIDS Group. If not available in the language(s) required, a Linguistic Validation must be undergone.

Performing new translations
New DISABKIDS translations must be conducted in close collaboration with the DISABKIDS Group, who developed Translation Guidelines to fit the DISABKIDS specificities.

The DISABKIDS Group owns the copyright on any new translation.
For new translation funds are needed, e.g. to undertake the linguistic validation of the DISABKIDS.

Funding by Companies
If a company sponsors the translation of the DISABKIDS versions into one or more languages, the latter company will be exonerated of the access right costs for the particular study for which they finance the translation(s).
For any future trial the cost for using the sponsored versions would be free. However, the access right plus the cost for all other translations and the original English version would remain unchanged (see "Licensing and Use" in the menu bar).

Not funded Research and Evaluation studies
If funds are not available, DISABKIDS translation guidelines may be provided to allow academics and clinicians to use the DISABKIDS in their institution.
For information about the status of existing translations and/or for a cost-estimation of the linguistic validation of the DISABKIDS into (a) new language(s), please contact:

Prof. Dr. Monika Bullinger
Department of Medical Psychology
University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
Martinistr. 52, W26
20246 Hamburg

Tel.:  +49-40-7410-56430
Fax:  +49-40-7410-54940



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