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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The Edinburgh Centre has been intensively involved in the development of the WHOQOL questionnaire and is experienced in cross-cultural development and validation of quality of life questionnaires. The Edinburgh Centre works closely with the Paediatrics Department of the University which again recruits children with paediatric conditions from the greater Lothian area in Scotland.

Project Partner:

Dr. Peter Hoare
Child & Family Mental Health Service
3 Rillbank Terrace
Edinburgh EH9 1LL
United Kingdom

Tel.:  +44-131-536-0540
Mail:  Peter Hoare

Prof. Dr. Mick Power
Department of Psychiatry
University of Edinburgh, Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Morningside Park
Edinburgh EH 10 5HF
United Kingdom

Tel.:  +44-131-537-6578/79
Fax:  +44-131-447-6760
Mail:  Mick Power

Clare Atherton
The University of Edinburgh
Kennedy Tower
Ruyal Edinburgh Hospital
Morningside Park
Edinburgh EH10 5HF
United Kingdom

Tel.:  +44-131-537-6253
Mail:  Clare Atherton



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